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We are WOP: the number-one agency for live communication. And we’ve been leading the pack for long enough not to have to be too modest anymore, operating in the top of the Dutch premier league for years now. We’ve seen competitors come and go, but one thing WOP and our fellow frontrunners have in common is that we’re all proud – even passionate – about the fact that we come up with, design, organise and produce everything ourselves, both offline and online, for the biggest names around in both B2B and B2C. Naturally, we all also have an IDEA industry association badge displayed outside our front doors. Unlike our colleagues, however, WOP is the only Dutch agency to be both ISO 9001-certified (for our quality) and ISO 45001-certified (for your safety). Because whatever the event, ultimately it’s all about people. And we know there’s only a very small difference between a smile and a grimace.

Mixing business with pleasure

In the name of live

You’ve arrived on this website because you have a need related to ‘live communication’. ‘Live communication’, ‘experience marketing’ – these are umbrella terms that can be found on the list of services of nearly every event agency, ad agency, stand-builder, caterer and freelancer nowadays. And that’s what gets Eddy Vonk’s goat, and makes Arjan Harms irate. That’s why it is high time for the Harms-Vonk doctrine: ‘Live communication is all communication that brings about a live encounter between people.’ That goes beyond events alone. And ‘live’ has long ceased to be restricted to ‘offline’; it doesn’t just mean encounters in the flesh. For WOP, live encounters means ‘alive and smiling’. Encounters that are vibrant and inspiring. With a real spark between flesh-and-blood human beings. Honest and authentic, even if it is remotely or via a screen.

Precisely that encounter between brand, organisation, target audience and employees is the starting point for every concept developed by WOP . It’s not about planning a party, but about orchestrating an encounter that touches people in the right place – in their hearts, in their heads, in every fibre of their being. That makes them feel alive. If you do that, it doesn’t matter one bit whether it happens at a seminar, a concert, a brand activation, a charity event, a product launch, a guerrilla marketing stunt, a conference or a presentation. Put simply, it’s about comprehensive marketing concepts involving encounters that move people. Moments that will stay with you, whether big or small; moments you walk away from with a lasting feeling and a big smile on your face. With communications that are planned down to the last detail and destined to get people’s attention, and invites that are sure to pique their interest. From beginning to end, offline as well as online. Because business can also be pleasure, and vice versa. Live communication that fits the ‘alive and smiling’ criterion – that’s what makes WOP different.

Alive and smiling

  • Activities day
  • Award show
  • Trade show
  • Brand activation
  • Circus
  • Company party
  • Conference
  • Corporate festival
  • Cultural festival
  • Boat launch
  • Family day
  • Film
  • Fundraising gala
  • Incentive
  • Anniversary
  • Kick-off
  • Launch event
  • Supplier event
  • Management meeting
  • Open Day
  • Opening of business premises
  • Company party
  • Private concert
  • Relationship event
  • Road show
  • Sales training
  • Sport clinic
  • Stand design
  • Football tournament
  • Web design

Meet the wopper

Arjan Harms / Sales director

To figure out what makes Arjan Harms tick, you have to go back to his roots, to his hometown of Gorinchem. That’s where the root of Arjan Harms’ schizophrenia lies: edged up against Rotterdam, but also toeing the border of North Brabant province. Willing to work hard for little reward, but never grumpy – the opposite, if anything: always with the generous grin of a man from the happy-go-lucky south of the country on his face. Read more Collapse With Arjan Harms in the house, there’s no business meeting without a smile. But don’t think he’ll just okay everything with a complacent nod: Arjan Harms likes to challenge the status quo, certainly when asked, but above all when least expected. He likes to throw people for a loop – his customers, his suppliers – and to turn things on their head – from return on investment to live communication. Nor does he take himself too seriously. But in spite of his mischievous spirit, Arjan Harms is a live communicator pur sang who has seen it all in his 15 years in the trade: from cost-is-no-object-so-long-as-it’s-bigger-than-everyone-else’s to give-us-the-full-monty- but-with-a-crisis-discount-please. Arjan Harms rides the never-ending waves of the industry with the agility of a surfing pro (in spite of his stature). Coasting the highest crests, immersed in the heat of the moment, but also lying low on the shoreline sometimes, stepping back to take a critical and even cynical look at his sector. And always, challenging the status quo. With an edge of the Rotterdam mentality that says it’s never good enough. But at the same time, with the laissez-faire mindset of North Brabant that says: tomorrow’s another day.

Better safe than sorry

Our events touch people. And where people are concerned, it’s crucial to exercise due caution. This is something we’re very serious about, working within tight frameworks – some self-imposed and some imposed by our ISO 9001 and OHSAS18001 certifications. When organising any event, WOP first conducts an impact analysis, carries out risk assessments and takes all the necessary control measures. And afterwards, we always evaluate the quality and safety aspects with clients. It may not sound very sexy (and it isn’t), but while it may not be rock & roll, it is important. Sometimes, unfortunately, even a matter of life and death. And that’s why we take it so seriously. We’re not cowboys. We’re not from the Wild West. We’re from humble Etten-Leur. We’ve got the ISO 9001 certification for consistently meeting customer’s requirements, improving quality and ensuring successful events. We’ve got the OHSAS 18001 certification to guarantee the safety of guests, suppliers and employees and to manage any organisational and practical risks. As event-planning veterans, WOP’s golden rule is: do it safely, or don’t do it at all!

He -enige OHSAS 18001 evenementenbureau van Nederland
He -beste ISO 9001 evenementenbureau van Nederland

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Organising live communication is a specialism in its own right. Clever minds even develop entire theories on the subject. WOP doesn’t. WOP collects ‘smiles’ like trophies and puts them in a book. That’s our inspiration. Want to be inspired by our Book of Smiles too? Ring us up at the following number (we’re a lot more fun live than by email): +31 (0)85 48 48 000. We’ve been told you can even hear our smiles over the phone.


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